Northlake Academy's goal is to provide a program that is child-centered and that revolves around and responds to the individual needs of the children in our care.
We maintain low child-to-teacher ratios to ensure a learning environment that allows children to independently plan and explore, and that gives teachers many opportunities daily for one-on-one “teachable” moments.
We offer the children stimulation and room to move, make noise, and make mistakes in a safe and positive environment.
We acknowledge the importance of self-awareness and self-confidence by offering the children many ways to express themselves and to be proud of their accomplishments.  Each child at Northlake Preschool feels valued and develops  a sense of self-worth.
We encourage family involvement.
We work to promote critical thinkers who will participate in creating a caring culture in a world of differences.
Guiding Principles
The Northlake program...
  is supportive and encouraging, and focuses on the needs of the children and their families;
is creative, innovative, and flexible;
improves the quality of life for the children and their families;
results in positive self-esteem for children, teachers, volunteers, and all participants;
enriches each individual physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially;
requires the understanding and respect of other communities, cultures, and generations in order to participate and thrive in our diverse community and global society;
promotes the transfer of knowledge, experience, and values from culture to culture, generation to generation;
creates a homelike, family environment.