Children's Theater
Children's Garden (Photos)
Special Programs
Foreign language:  Children learn some Japanese and Spanish, and perform plays for their parents in these languages in the spring.  During the late fall and winter, parents assist with a diverse holiday curriculum, our annual Celebration of Lights, and children experience customs connected with, for example, Diwali, Santa Lucia, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Seker Bayrami, Christmas, Kwansaa, Japanese New Year, and Chinese New Year.
Music:  The children present an annual music performance for their parents in December.
Art:  The school hosts an international student art show in April.
Science:  The school was built green and is surrounded by eco-friendly gardens where the children plant and harvest beans, snap peas, strawberries, and flowers.  The children maintain and monitor a weather station.  Family Science Night happens in August.  Children visit the eastside Audubon center, located on site.
Library:  The school maintains an onsite library of over 4000 books. 
Zumba:  The children present an annual zumba performance for their parents in February.